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Batik represent the indivisible ancestor heritage from Indonesian nation culture. With the beauty of various pattern, quality of natural colour and also interesting motif make the cloth of traditional Batik very popular and accepted by a lot of local society but also international society. Batik give the loaded meaning will be artistic and cultural representation from each other of fatherland area. Every area own the motif characteristic and also way of Batik making which different each other.
A lot of matter which can be dug from a lef of batik cloth, do not is only used for the just clothes of but growth in this time have toward household and interior, no wonder if said that a Batik is a masterpiece create the culture ommission owned by the Indonesian Nation.

Batik Mahkota Cirebon represent the traditional Batik of Cirebon result of inovation handicraft and child masterpiece nation from area of town Cirebon. Batik Cirebon exclusive traditional image as mission of Batik Mahkota Cirebon give and offer the beauty and also luxuriant impression in Batik art, poured in batik art write and Batik stamp.

Motif of Batik Mahkota Cirebon is available in traditional motif form Cirebon, traditional modification, modern traditional modification, Contemporary and still a lot of other according to ordering desire.

Reliable Batik worker hand and also new breakthrough given by Batik Mahkota Cirebon, we ready to give best in making till our service. Because only Mahkota Batik become the your friend and your choice.